Softwood Decking Vs Composite

By • Jun 14th, 2012 • Category: Blog

Creating a decking area is a great way to improve areas outside, one of the first questions you will need to ask yourself is which material should you use softwood or Ecodek composite material?  Ecodek lasts longer than the traditional timber decking boards and as a UK manufacturer Ecodek can produce decking boards to suit your needs.

There are many benefits using Ecodek instead of the softwood decking boards. Below are just a few benefits of using Ecodek.

1.Simple to install

Most DIY stores supply softwood decking this can be difficult for people to install correctly. Decking made out of Softwood can be time consuming, include a large amount of waste and require specialist skill and tools. Since Composite decking boards are made from wood polymer – a mixture of recycled milk bottle cartons and FSC® approved wood, Ecodek’s composite decking is one of the few materials around that is simple and clear to fit.

2. Low Maintenance

Softwood decking boards looks fantastic when it is first fit but after just a few months you will need to do a lot of cleaning and spending to keep it that way! Ecodek’s composite decking material is the complete opposite. Composite decking boards will not require sanding, oiling or painting. With Composite decking you need to keep the deck clear of debris with a regular brush and the occasional jet wash.

3.  Environmentally Friendly
Softwood decking is normally sourced from forests that are quickly disappearing.  Ecodek composite material is made up of 95% recycled ingredients. It is created from a mixture of wood flour and polymer. The wood flour is FSC® approved and is sourced from sustainable and well managed forests; the polymer is from recycled milk bottle cartons. Ecodek also has the added advantage of being 100% recyclable meaning nothing is wasted in the landfills.

4.  A Safer Option
A feature of softwood is the regular occurrence of boards splintering or cracking.  They can also become very slippery when wet; Ecodek decking boards do not splinter or crack and has a low potential to slip. Ecodek also has the option to increase the slip resistance further by adding in to them during the manufacturing process.  These have been very successful for ramps and walkways making Ecodek one of the safest choices around.

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