R & D


Research and development

Vannplastic have an impressive background in the research and development of its products. Investing heavily in our laboratory and facilities, we continuously strive to enhance the recycled portfolio of our products, whether it is by using alternative recycled materials, or further improving the properties of our current products. To help facilitate this, we are part of EU Research programs that help create new materials and helps develop new technology and production methods.


Horizon 2020 is the biggest EU Research and Innovation programme, with nearly €80 billion of funding available Horizon 2020 will support projects that have the potential to create real impact and growth for Europe and tackle major European issues. The programme is a Europe 2020 initiative aimed at securing Europe’s global competitiveness which has the political backing of Europe’s leaders and the Members of the European Parliament.

Vannplastic and Ecodek are very proud to be part of three Horizon 2020 funded projects, namely FISSAC, GelClad and Smart Plant.

The overall objective of FISSAC project is to develop and demonstrate a new model towards a zero-waste approach within the industries of the construction value chain. Vannplastic and Ecodek will support the overall reduction of general construction waste by incorporating secondary raw materials with our traditional raw materials that could lead to material enhancement to improve our product range.

FISSAC Project

GelClad is a project created to develop a cost-effective and highly energy efficient cladding system that can be fitted to new buildings or retro-fitted to existing ones. The new lightweight multi-component system incorporates both thermal insulation and weatherproofing and will provide an extremely efficient passive insulation solution, including ventilation functionality. The role of Vannplastic and Ecodek in the GelClad project is to co-develop and manufacture the composite part of the system. Vannplastic and Ecodek are also responsible for production and distribution of GelClad for northern Europe, including the UK, German and Netherlands markets.


The third of the Horizon 2020 projects is the SMART-Plant project aimed at modernising wastewater treatment plants by recovering waste materials that are traditionally lost. The new, automated systems will optimise the wastewater treatment, resource recovery, energy-efficiency and reduction of greenhouse emissions and recover materials including biopolymers and cellulose.

Vannplastic and Ecodek is working together with several institutions, including European Universities towards developing bio-composite materials that can be used towards manufacturing of building products.